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FENWAY Real Estate

Perhaps one of Boston’s most well-known neighborhoods by name, The Fenway has some great residential property in addition to its most famous resident, Fenway Park.

The Fenway traditionally has been home to a very high student population with its proximity to Boston University and the Green Line, but it has recently seen the introduction of high-end luxury developments. These have been attracting a professional population that is perhaps “priced out” of some of Boston’s other neighborhoods or is just looking for an up-and-coming, exciting neighborhood.

New shops and restaurants abound, including Longhorn Steakhouse, Starbucks, Burton’s Grill, West Elm, Best Buy, and more. The Fenway is home to much more than just sports bars but still has some of the best of those in Boston as well!

For more information about Fenway Massachusetts homes for sale or if you're interested in looking at Fenway apartment rentals, don't hesitate to contact us today. Let our knowledgeable Warren Residential Group agents help you in your search!

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1 Bed 3 1 Bed 283 Rentals 3
2 Beds 1 2 Beds 202
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