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Sales Associate

Annette Kristiansen

Photo of Annette Kristiansen
Sales Associate

Nick Lukasevicz

Photo of Nick Lukasevicz
Sales Associate

Thomas Macdonald II

Photo of Thomas Macdonald II
Senior Sales Associate

Lucas Merchant

Photo of Lucas Merchant
Senior Sales Associate

Kiernan Middleman

Photo of Kiernan Middleman
Sales Associate

Sean Mullin

Photo of Sean Mullin
Sales Associate

Mike Polinski

Photo of Mike Polinski
Sales Associate

Dáni Robertson

Photo of Dáni Robertson
Sales Associate

Joe Scapicchio

Photo of Joe Scapicchio
Senior Broker Associate

Anush Showghi

Photo of Anush Showghi
Sales Associate

Marc Siragusa

Photo of Marc Siragusa
Vice President

Joshua Stephens

Photo of Joshua Stephens
Sales Associate

Sveta Vakhitova

Photo of Sveta Vakhitova
Sales Associate

Jacqueline Vienneau

Photo of Jacqueline Vienneau
Founder and CEO

Nick Warren

Photo of Nick Warren
Sales Associate

Jacqui Webb

Photo of Jacqui Webb