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February 2016

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A new city, a new job, a new daily routine––relocating is a challenge in almost every way. While you’re (hopefully) making a great career or personal move, navigating this time can be tricky without thorough research or someone to help you transition.

That’s why we work so hard to help clients who are new to our beautiful Boston real estate market. We know how important it is for you to feel stable and supported while finding a place to call home. As we walked our streets this week and carried about everyday life in this historic city, we made note of all of the things we would tell someone who will soon be joining us here. Before you move to Boston, these are the things you simply need to know:


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When most people think “big city,” they think “expensive.” The words almost become synonymous––and rightly so.

A single parking space in downtown Boston can be rented for $400-$500/month or purchased for $35k to over $400k! (No, we aren’t kidding!) This is just the price we pay to have our cars conveniently and safely stored in the heart of the city.

But for those of us commuting to other neighborhoods or to the suburbs and back, we might forget just how walkable downtown Boston is. Even if we’ve lived here for years, we may not have noticed the development of public transportation all around us.

So whether you’re just learning to navigate the City of Champions or looking to upgrade your routine to a more efficient, less expensive one––these

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There comes a time for every family to decide whether buying their next home or renting in Boston is the best idea. There are benefits to each option, and your decision will really comes down to your personal preferences.

Your career, financial habits, and even your lifestyle can play big roles in this decision. Every family is different, which is why there is no right or wrong answer. There is also no secret formula that you can use to make this decision for you. This is why––while online calculators like TheUpshot are great for estimates and learning more about your market––even the most experienced real estate agents know that every client will carve their own path to home rental or ownership.

To help get you started with these important

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