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March 2016

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It’s been getting a little quiet lately.

he suburbs have served you well throughout the years. If walls could talk, your house would tell stories of countless birthdays, dramatic exits, teenage angst, tearful off-to-college goodbyes, and joyful holiday reunions. However, with your big ol’ house now all to yourself, most of the rooms are going unused, and regularly cleaning the collected dust is growing to be a nuisance. Perhaps it’s time for your next big move. Moreover, we mean Boston big.

There are several benefits to moving to the hustle and bustle of the inner city. Selling that big ol’ house might seem like a daunting feat, but there’s a reason more and more people are taking the leap.

Here are five reasons why relocating to Boston proper

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A few times a week, I talk to people who are interested in downsizing their homes and moving to downtown Boston.

At first, it may seem like a strange move––less space for the same amount of money, more traffic, etc.? However, the coin does have another side that can make this step a very freeing decision.

You’ll make better use of all of your space, rid yourself of home maintenance responsibilities, and have all of the coolest events and activities of the city within arm’s reach.

Today, we are talking about what makes moving to one of the many Boston luxury condos a financially (and personally) stable investment:


People wonder if they will feel cramped going from 4,000 square feet to 1,800 square feet––and while

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Watching the unique neighborhoods of Boston transform with the 21st century is a journey––we’ve seen home values skyrocket, buildings surge from the skyline, and families find homes in interesting structures like churches, warehouses, and even old factory lots that once sat empty.

South Boston real estate has been one of those experiences.

We’ve explored this close-knit community and loved seeing the young professionals and new families bloom in its well-kept homes.

And now the scene is growing even more––so we’re shining our spotlight on South Boston real estate that could soon be your own slice of Southie: heaven.

History of Southie

South Boston is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the U.S. A few hundred residents (along with livestock)

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What do you imagine when you picture a luxury condo?

You might think a high-rise building overlooking our gorgeous city––floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the sleek furnishings and modern design inside. You might also see a concierge and a doorman, greeting residents much like an upscale hotel.

But others may picture a beautiful brownstone, steeped in history, with red brick and ivy on the trellis. Perfectly restored insides and incredible amenities lift these homes from mid-market to true luxury.

No matter how you shake it, the definition of a “luxury development” can be many different things. So we’ve broken down the different types of Boston luxury apartments you might find on the market today (even if they surprise you):


gym in boston luxury condo buildingThis

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Purchasing your first home is an exciting process––but it comes with some challenges. You want to be sure you make the right financial decision, but you also want to find the home you’ve been dreaming of. And you might feel a little overwhelmed by how competitive the Boston market is for buyers. (It can feel like a feeding frenzy out there!)

As millennials start thinking about purchasing their first property in Boston, the majority of their options will be condos vs. single family homes. While this is largely due to pricing and availability, it’s also because Boston condos have the amenities and perks that are a first-time home buyer’s dream.

Here’s why our millennial customers are opting for condos in the hot Boston market:


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