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April 2016

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Have you ever had to plan a big event? Whether it was a birthday party, business gathering, or anniversary celebration—it takes a considerable amount of planning and effort to pull things off. You need to coordinate a time and date, set the budget, send out invitations, book a caterer, order the cake, choose a venue, get decorations, etc. It can get overwhelming very quickly!

But imagine if you went into it with no vision of what you want. You’d stare at the caterer’s menu for hours asking yourself, “How many people are coming? Do we have any vegetarians? Vegans? Do we want sushi? What if nobody likes to eat fish? Can we afford this?”

It makes planning terribly difficult.

When you’re about to enter into the buying/selling process of your Boston

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Monopoly was one of my favorite board games to play as a kid. The bare bones concept was simple—when another player landed on your property, they had to pay rent. But $28 for rent when you paid $300 for Pacific Avenue isn’t going to give you the best (or fastest) return as an owner. You could quickly increase that rent to $1,100 by just adding a few houses. Rent would only have to be paid twice to get a massive return!

While owning a home in the Boston real estate market isn’t quite as simple as the classic board game, the concept stays the same. Each property is an investment—we hope to see a higher return on it by the time we decide to move.

In our active market, you’ll see a return on your investment in due time. But we all want the biggest bang

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