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Why Not All Boston Luxury Apartments Are Created Equal

What do you imagine when you picture a luxury condo?

You might think a high-rise building overlooking our gorgeous city - floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the sleek furnishings and modern design inside. You might also see a concierge and a doorman, greeting residents much like an upscale hotel.

But others may picture a beautiful brownstone, steeped in history, with red brick and ivy on the trellis. Perfectly restored insides and incredible amenities lift these homes from mid-market to true luxury.

No matter how you shake it, the definition of a “luxury development” can be many different things. So we’ve broken down the different types of Boston luxury apartments you might find on the market today (even if they surprise you):


gym in boston luxury condo building

This is the main common denominator between all luxury developments. It’s not just the materials or the style of each individual building that make them “luxury,” but the elevated way of life that these spots share in common. Pools, gyms, spas, dining rooms, bars, concierge services, valet, and any combination thereof - these are the things luxury development residents appreciate and value.

Luxury home buyers are also looking for an ease of living. They often don’t want to personally take on much maintenance, and it’s important to them to have the things they need within reach.

If you identify with this lifestyle, you will love the amenities and access you have to luxury development features!


Price of Boston Luxury Apartments

It might sound obvious, but a luxury apartment comes with a luxury price tag. The average cost of a Boston luxury apartment reaches the millions, which is much higher than the typical cost of most single-family suburban homes or condos.

This is often due to the all-in-one nature of the amenities and the high-end furnishings and appliances in the units. As an owner of a Boston luxury apartment, you would have access to everyday amenities like we mentioned above - but your home would also come with state-of-the-art appliances and exceptional craftsmanship. The price of a luxury unit definitely reflects the cost included in designing the space.


One thing that does seem to apply to all luxury buildings is that they strike a chord with every resident who chooses to live there. They offer a unique blend of amenities and layouts that attract very interested buyers - and the staff and ownership care deeply about assisting residents in their own unique needs.

This ties right back to what we said earlier about how you picture this type of real estate: not all luxury developments look they same. The developers and designers find a way to bring expert design and perks to buildings of all colors, shapes, and sizes to attract buyers of any style.

Choosing the perfect luxury apartment for your lifestyle will simply come down to your list of “must-haves.” Which types of bespoke service and amenities create the perfect living environment for you?


Demand for this type of building is higher than supply right now. The market interest in luxury living has surged - while the buildings are more expensive and time-consuming to design than some types of standard apartments.

But if you are more open-minded about location, you’ll be able to find a luxury home that you love in a reasonable timeframe. Location seems to be the biggest limiting factor during the luxury unit search, as some neighborhoods simply have more than others. For example, you’re not going to find the high-rise you want in Beacon Hill, where the luxury market is more focused around traditional townhome styles. However, The Seaport real estate market will have multiple high-rise options for you to choose from!


Whether you have an exact idea in your mind of what your future luxury home looks like, or you’re just beginning to see a glimmer of that picture, there are many different styles for you to choose from. The amenities will be top-notch, and you’ll own a stunning piece of Boston realty.

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