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Burbs to Boston: Why Relocating to Boston is Worth it

It’s been getting a little quiet lately.

he suburbs have served you well throughout the years. If walls could talk, your house would tell stories of countless birthdays, dramatic exits, teenage angst, tearful off-to-college goodbyes, and joyful holiday reunions. However, with your big ol’ house now all to yourself, most of the rooms are going unused, and regularly cleaning the collected dust is growing to be a nuisance. Perhaps it’s time for your next big move. Moreover, we mean Boston big.

There are several benefits to moving to the hustle and bustle of the inner city. Selling that big ol’ house might seem like a daunting feat, but there’s a reason more and more people are taking the leap.

Here are five reasons why relocating to Boston proper should be part of your next chapter in life.

1. You’ll Have More Freedom and Flexibility.

Home maintenance is no small feat. There’s a reason home improvement stores are becoming as ubiquitous as grocery stores - maintenance and home improvement are big business. Even without any big projects or renovation plans, you can easily spend every weekend throughout the year doing yard work.

From mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, watering flowers, trimming hedges, and raking leaves, to (every New Englander’s favorite) plowing the driveway - yardwork is never ending. Staying home and working around the yard may have been an excellent way to spend the weekend in years past, but when it begins to feel like it is taking away from the joy in your life instead of adding to it, it’s time for a change.

It’s not just your weekends that you may find yourself giving up due to owning a large home in the suburbs! Traveling is exponentially more challenging when you have a big house to worry about back home. There’s all the aforementioned lawn care and yard work. If there are any roof leaks or pipe trouble while you’re gone, the damage will be far worse if it has been sitting there in an empty house for days or weeks before you come home to discover it.

Additionally, no matter how safe your neighborhood is, an empty house is a prime target for burglary. With all these concerns, it can be difficult to relax while you are traveling if there is no one keeping an eye on things for you on the homefront.

A move to downtown Boston means downsizing your maintenance concerns and security worries along with your living space. Gain the freedom to make last-minute travel plans without having to worry about finding a house sitter or the hassle of asking someone to look after the lawn. Reclaim your weekend from the drudgery of yard maintenance. Imagine never having to pull another weed, mow another lawn, or plow another driveway.

Now can you see yourself in downtown Boston?

2. You Can Simplify Your Life

moving from suburbs to boston

Basements and garages are for storage, but they make it far too easy to hang on to stuff we do not need and often forget that we have. When you move to downtown Boston, you cannot take it all with you. However, that’s not a bad thing! The fact is, living in Boston, where everything you could want is practically around the corner, reduces your need to store so many things. You can have an all in one lifestyle of living in town.

While it is possible to keep your car, most people find the hassle of owning a car far outweighs the benefits. Getting rid of your vehicle will free up extra finances for traveling.

After all, without a car, you no longer need to pay for gas, car insurance, vehicle maintenance, or registration. Your home finances are simply your mortgage, taxes, and condo fee.

3. Your Backyard is Now Your Playground

While the suburbs can often be peaceful, there is such a thing as too much peace and quiet. In downtown Boston, there is always something to do, see, or experience. You can try a new restaurant, see a play, or attend a special event without having to worry about parking since you can walk or take the T.

As the snow melts and weather gets warmer here in Boston, the neighborhoods start to bustle with outdoor events. If you do not feel like being outside, there’s an abundance of shopping, museums, and other amenities all right in your backyard. Leave the quiet suburbs behind for vibrant downtown Boston.

4. Your Property Downtown Has a Faster Growing Value

The Boston real estate market is a high-demand market. Property values in Boston grow steadily and consistently. The fact is, even with the new developments that are currently under construction, there is only so much space in downtown Boston. As more and more people come to Boston, downtown property values will continue to increase at a higher rate than suburban properties. If you ever decide to leave downtown Boston, you will have made a better property investment with a purchase of a condo downtown than staying in the house in the suburbs.

5. You’ll Rediscover the City

People travel from around the world to see Boston and, as locals, we understand why. However, when you live in the suburbs, traffic, parking, and schedules can make it hard to get into the city and experience all it has to offer. Moving to downtown Boston makes it easy to fall in love with Boston all over again.

There’s a reason so many of the students who come to Boston for an excellent university education never leave. While our strong economy helps, most of them become enamored with the city and simply cannot imagine ever living anywhere else.

If you were one of them, moving back downtown can rekindle that enthusiasm for residing in Boston. It can be especially fun to check out your old college haunts and see how much has changed, and how much is still the same from your years as a student.

The Bottom Line

Which of these reasons pulls at you the most? Whether you want the vibrancy and access that downtown has to offer or the simplicity of a luxury development, we can help you find the home that fits your next phase of life.

There are so many reasons to leave the big house in the suburbs for a simple, vibrant condo life in downtown Boston. Whatever your reason, our trained buyer’s agents are here to help you take the first step towards the next significant phase of your life.

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