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Think Smarter with Nick: June 2019

Think Smarter with Nick: June 2019

There are a variety of reality shows about home improvement and real estate like The Property Brothers. This month, Nick talks about lessons we can learn from these shows - and things that might make more sense on the screen. He also gives some tips for other resources besides TV for people navigating the Boston real estate market.

In a recent article, the “Property Brothers” talked about things that people should consider removing from their home if they want to appeal to buyers. Thinking about Boston specifically, what do you think is important to delete?

One of the simplest ways to give your home a facelift and get it ready for buyers is to paint. I always highly recommend painting a room if it has some significant dents and dings in the wall as well as when it is a very unique color palette. Even if you had a “designer” recommend that you paint your bathroom bright yellow, it is likely a good idea to tone it down a bit with a neutral palette that appeals to a broader audience.

Another way to shake off the dated feeling a home might have is to upgrade the light fixtures. Simply changing out an older chandelier or sconce with something more modern eliminates a distraction for a buyer.

There are so many shows about home renovations and real estate on TV. What are some that you think do a good job explaining what the process is really like?

While certainly entertaining, most of what you see on HGTV or Bravo is the sugar-coated version of what renovating a home is really like. One of my personal favorite’s is This Old House. It features professional contractors doing real renovations which allows you to really see what goes into a project. I highly recommend it.

Aside from watching shows like Property Brothers, what other things do you recommend for sellers when they are preparing their home for sale?

Preparing a property for sale can be overwhelming and stressful. I generally advise my clients to focus on a few of the basics which I’ve outlined here:

  • Staging/Decluttering - I recommend that sellers remove most personal photos and mementos as well as remove any unnecessary furniture or knickknacks. Try to eliminate anything that might be distracting to a buyer’s eye.
  • Cleaning - I always recommend that my clients have their home professionally cleaned before listing. This can also help eliminate any distracting odors.
  • Painting - As I mentioned earlier, painting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to upgrade your property. Pick a neutral palette and don’t forget to paint the ceilings at the same time or else they will look really dirty next to your freshly painted walls and trim!
  • Landscaping - We don’t run into this very often in the city but some basic landscaping and lawn maintenance goes a long way. Make sure flower beds are weeded and lawns are freshly mown.

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