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Agent Spotlight: Craig Brody & Ali Melignano

Agent Spotlight: Craig Brody & Ali Melignano

Craig Brody & Ali Melignano are a part of Brody Real Estate Co. and bring a combined level of experience and proven success to the world of Boston real estate. Craig has worked with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Warren Residential for over 2 years after a successful career working with his family in the liquor and wine industry. Ali recently joined the office and team after years as an agent navigating the luxury real estate market. Together, utilizing the resources of the company, they work with buyers, sellers, and investors throughout Boston and its many neighborhoods. Each of their clients appreciates their attention to detail and service and attentiveness as a team. They know there is always someone there to help answer questions they may have.

A Few Questions with Craig & Ali:

How long have you been involved in the world of Boston real estate?

Craig: 2 Years. I spent the first 15 years of my professional career working with my family in the liquor and wine industry. The last 5 years of my career in the liquor industry was tough because I was traveling over 200 days a year and my father was dying. I know I needed to bring my talents to the Boston Real Estate Market.

Ali: 6 years

What brought each of you to BHHS Warren Residential?

Craig: I called a close friend to list her home and it was the wrong person. She recommended that I call Josh Stephens (another agent at BHHS) and we connected. He patched me thru to Nick Warren, the broker-owner. I couldn’t have picked a better team!

Ali: I spent the last 6 years of my career primarily working in the suburbs of Weston and Wellesley which was truly a life-changing experience for me. I’m incredibly grateful for the experience and mentorship I received along the way which I plan to carry on with me through this next chapter of my career. I felt like I had learned everything I could about that facet of real estate and was looking to enter a more “fast-paced” collaborative environment that covered a broader scope of residential real estate (new development, condo conversions, real estate investing, etc.). Once I connected with Nick and Craig from BHHS Warren Residential, I immediately knew it was a great fit for me. I feel like Craig and I have a lot of career interests and goals that align and that we’d be able to complement one another in so many different ways. Nick’s experience in the industry and overall foundation of support he’s able to provide was palpable from the first time we spoke and I felt like the culture he has created at Warren RE is a perfect environment for me to thrive.

Craig, you received many awards over the past year for your accomplishments and sales - what do you attribute this success to?

Craig: The grind and the network. I have a very impressive network of colleagues and friends that trust me. I am very good at working with my network!

Ali, how does your history of success over the past 5 years work alongside the ideals of Brody Real Estate and helping your clients?

Ali: I was fortunate enough to have been classically trained in the luxury real estate market by an incredible mentor and I look to carry on some of the fundamental pillars of success that I learned over the past 6 years. From afar, working in residential sales seems pretty straight forward but in reality, it is an incredibly nuanced job once you get into the intricacies of marketing, analytics, and negotiating. I felt like every deal I worked on presented a new learning experience which made me understand the value of constant career growth and introspection. I look forward to bringing my experience and work ethic to the table and also learning from my new fellow colleagues to cultivate new skills so we can grow together as a team.

How does working as a team benefit your buyers and sellers?

Craig: It gives them a sense of security. Having an incredible partner like Ali helps with the process. We are always available to speak and work with clients. Information is at our fingertips and we pride ourselves on being available.

Ali: I think there’s great value in taking a team approach in the industry on both a client service and collaborative level. In regards to client services, chemistry is a real thing like any other relationship. When you work as a team, you inevitably have more bandwidth to reach and impact clients by having different personalities or skill sets that might be applicable to certain deals or customers. On a collaborative level, working alongside someone like Craig in a team dynamic is a constant source of motivation and inspiration. We are able to hold each other accountable daily, complement one another in different facets that might not be the other's strong suit, and we are constantly pushing each other to find new ways to expand our business model and grow individually on a daily basis. I’ve also always felt like healthy competition breeds improvement and already feel invigorated in this new, fast-paced work environment.

Outside of the office, where can each of you be found?

Craig: During the summer you will see me in New Seabury at the Cape with my family and friends. I also love to travel the world, spend time with my children, and watch sports!

Ali: You will find me with my two huskies, Tito and Leo, and my husband, Dave. Real estate is a 24/7 deal for me so I really try to take advantage of hanging out with my family when I have those rare moments of free time.

Favorite activity to enjoy during summer in Boston?

Craig: Walking around the city and eating Alfresco. There is no better place to do that than Boston!

Ali: Going on adventures with my dogs and dining on the water!

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