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Think Smarter with Nick. February 2024.

The spring market in Boston real estate is just around the corner, and for many, now is the ideal time to sell their home. Nick shares his advice on preparing your home for the spring real estate market and how to best impress buyers.

What do you think the inventory will be like for the spring market in Boston this year?

We have already seen a slight increase in existing inventory for the Boston condo market, as listings are staying on the market for longer periods of time than last year. In fact, the average number of days on the market for sold properties has increased 28.33% to 77 for Boston condos. I expect this trend to continue but eventually flatten out because the total amount of new inventory is still extremely low.

What can sellers do to make their homes more appealing to buyers this time of year?

I recommend that all sellers eliminate distractions. This means that, at the very least, you should fix minor issues such as scratches on the floor, nicks in the walls, old water stains, misaligned cabinets, and so on. I also recommend decluttering and depersonalizing the property so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there.

What is your top tip for those looking to sell their Boston area home in the coming months?

Price it correctly. The Boston condo market has cooled slightly, and listings are staying on the market longer than before. This means you will face more competition and need to ensure your property is priced correctly from the start. Trying a "higher" price than the market says it is worth can be a recipe for disaster, costing you more money in the long run than pricing it correctly from the start. 


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